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TigerMountainIndustrial | sku: ER70S-6-MIG-350

ER70S-6 Welding Wire with Free MIG-350 Welder

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✅ If you buy 1-pallet (72 spools / 33 lbs each) of our ER70S-6 welding wire, we will include a top-of-the-line 350 A ALLPRO MIG welder with an auto-feeder. The welder has a $ 2800 value but it will be completely free for you. Another option for you can also to instead receive $ 4752 in credit towards any of our other welding equipment or supplies!

The Allpro MIG-350 sets the Standard for Professional MIG gas welding needs, with robust control board features that allow for consistent reliable performance in a variety of demanding conditions.

100% Duty Cycle at 3-Phase input voltages of 208/230V, 320A/30V
60% Duty Cycle at 3-Phase input voltages of 380/400/440/460V, 500A/39V


Reduced Splatter with High Deposit Efficiency
Lower distortion and strong weld formation.
A strong pulse strike ensures consistently reliable arc-starts.
Minimal molten ball if arc is stopped mid-weld.
Auto-lock functionality reduces labor intensity on long welds.
Stable wire feeding with consistent output power.
Lightweight, Portable Design.
Efficient, energy saving design.
Suitable for a wide range of work environments.


5 Years Main Parts — 3 Years All Parts and Components (But Not Consumables)
Becomes effective on delivery date. All parts and components of the welding machine are covered by this warranty. Any broken or unusable parts will be replaced with free shipping. If the welding machine breaks and becomes irreparable by part replacement, it can be sent back to us for repair, replacement or return.

Return Policy

After eBay 30-day return period, the buyer can still return the product with diminishing refunds from the original purchase price. After the first 60-day period, the value will be reduced by 12%, and an additional 8% for each additional 60-day period (This ensures that the buyer can return the product any time within a 2-year period).Buyer still pays for return shipping.

ALLPRO Machinery is distributed in the United States by Tiger Mountain Industrial, Co. LLC. All U.S. sales, support and services are handled directly by their sales department.