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TigerMountainIndustrial | sku: MIG-400M

AOTAI MIG-400 Welder

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The high performance of this pulsed MIG 400 welding machine can be seen in the smooth feeling of welding aluminum and its alloys. In addition, using this machine will make it easy to perform any high speed, high quality, and other specified work tasks.

Some common welding problems include the welding aluminum arc being difficult or the arc forming defects. Because this machine has an aluminum welding program design, these common problems are solved.

This machine has an enhanced double pulse function. Therefore, the wire feeding speed and output energy are coordinated. Also, it helps the welding aluminum to achieve a perfect fish-scale weld with superior welding quality.

The user can store 100 sets of custom welding specification parameters.

This interface simulation is compatible with the use of robots. It even has a digital function module. Therefore, it has high reliability.

This machine has a multi-function interface module for automatic welding. One is for two-step arcing and another is an arc-adjustable program function module. Both of these allow the user to have full-function control with the most compact and reliable connection. Above all, the machine logic has been simplified. So it is more convenient for customers and maintenance workers alike.


• Multi-process for various applications
• Unique wave control technology ensures less spatter, stable current
• Advanced creep start and flashback, easily arc striking and arc stopping
• Stepless adjustment of current and voltage with wide range
• 2 step /4 step, spot welding mode
VRD feature (MMA mode)
CC/CV wire feeder friendly


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