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16 Inch Heat Resistant Leather Gloves Black

Units Sold: 36

Description of the 16 Inch Heat Resistant Leather Gloves Black:

The 16-inch heat-resistant leather gloves are welding gloves in black and are made from premium split cow leather from Italy. The soft, supple, top-grain leather offers comfort and pliability. The gloves are form-fitting, which increases comfort and safety. These gloves both insulate the heat and protect hands from outside heat. The inside of the glove does not slip, even when wet with sweat. The material is resistant to high temperatures and wear. Custom sizes can be chosen according to needs. The material of the gloves is soft, flexible, and strong.
These gloves reduce your risk of burns or scratches from coming into contact with hot coals or embers, grinding debris, and sharp objects. This product is suitable for welding, gardening, construction, and other heavy-duty activities.

Additional Details and Specifications:

  • Length: 16 inches
  • Top width: 5.5 inches
  • Bottom width: 7.25 inches
  • Color: Black
  • Size: Large
  • Brand: Tiger Mountain Industrial
  • Weight: 12.5 oz
  • Shipping: Free with USPS first class mail
  • Handling time: 1 business day
  • Return policy: Return within 30 days. Buyer pays shipping costs. There must be no stains or damage that may affect future sales.

Return Policy:

You can return these gloves within 30 days. However, the customer must pay shipping costs. In addition, there can be no stains or damage to the gloves that may affect futures sales.




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