Welder Rental (MIG 350 and 500)



Welder Rental Information:

Tiger Mountain Industrial provides convenient MIG welder rentals within Bellingham and western Washington state. We’ll even let you borrow a helmet and gloves if you need! You can rent for either a short or long period of time. Whether you need it for a day or 6 months, we can rent you a welder that you need for the amount of time you need it.

Welder Rental Rates:

WELDER Daily Weekly Monthly 3 Months 6 Months
MIG-350  $90  $170  $320  $700  $1,050
MIG-500  $120  $226  $425  $950  $1,425
SHIPPING 100% 100% 50% Free Free

How to rent from us:

You can let us know what welder you need to rent and for how long on this very page or give us a call. Shipping of the welder is available as well as pickup. Call to schedule pickup or delivery of the welders. The rental package includes all of the equipment shown in the photo. If you wish to rent for multiple days, weeks, or months, just let us know at pickup or during scheduling.

Give us a call at 360-734-5302 to schedule or if you have any questions.

About Tiger Mountain Industrial:

Our high-quality industrial equipment is available to be purchased directly from our factory. Therefore, you will save a lot of money from not purchasing from a retailer. Rentals are also available at our Bellingham, WA location.



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