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NT2 MIG/MAG Welding Gun For Miller


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Key Features of the NT2 MIG/MAG Welding Gun Miller:

  1. This NT2 MIG/MAG welding gun miller is fast and rapid. In addition, it is safe, stable and reliable.
  2. The nozzle is made of copper of the highest purity. It has excellent thermal conductivity, ductility and corrosion resistance.
  3. The handle is thick with insulation. Therefore, it is resistant to high temperatures. Also, it has high adsorption performance, and a comfortable feel.
  4. The double spring protection features a flexible spring that prevents folding and protects the cable from bending.
  5. The brass interface is anti-corrosion. In addition, it has good conductivity, is durable, and easily activated with a welding machine.
  6. We took the lead in introducing welding torches for international irradiated cables. After treatment by ultraviolet radiation, the cable is softer, crack-resistant, and has a faster heat dissipation.
  7. Our 82B wire hose is of the highest quality. We never use knock-off brands! Using the best hose will give you a silky-smooth welding experience.

New Advancements:

The NT2 MIG/MAG welding gun miller has a comfortable new handle with rubber over-molding and rear swivel. In addition, there is an optimized wire-feed path for reliable performance and simplified maintenance. The best welding gun is the one you never have to think about. Why? Because it is comfortable, durable and it gets the job done. Tiger Mountain Industrial Series MIG guns have been designed to be exactly that.

Firstly, the new ergonomic handle features over-molding for improved grip and a rear swivel strain relief. This helps to reduce welder fatigue. Secondly, the gun has a dual-locked and front-loading liner. Therefore, there is a smooth, consistent wire-feeding for reliable operation.

Furthermore, the front-loading liner is centered and locked at both ends of the gun (without the use of set screws). This ensures a smooth wire delivery to the contact tip. Moreover, it even has an error-proof liner trimming. Hence, there is an accurate replacement every time for reduced burn backs, bird-nests, and erratic arc/wire chatter. Above all, no measuring is required.

Additional Details:

  • Brand: North
  • Rating: 200A CO2 150A Mixed Gases, 60% Duty Cycle
  • Wires: 0.023”-0.045” (0.6-1.2mm).
  • Rear Connector: Miller
  • Length: 4 Meters
  • Shipping weight: 112 oz
  • Handling time: 1 day



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