MIG 500 Amp Welding Ground Clamp (10 ft)


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Description of the MIG 500 Amp Welding Ground Clamp:

The MIG 500 amp welding ground clamp is a universal ground clamp for welding machines. In addition, this is a dinse 35-70 connector for the MIG 500 Amp.

Also, please note that this is a 10 ft cable which is also 70 cm² thick.

Additional Details of the MIG 350 Amp Welding Ground Clamp:

  • Universal ground clamp for welding machines
  • For 500 Amp MIG welders
  • Dinse 35-70 connector for the MIG 500 Amp
  • 10 ft cable
  • 70 cm² thick


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  • All ALLPRO welding gun, cable assemblies, and spool guns

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Specification: MIG 500 Amp Welding Ground Clamp (10 ft)

Weight 8.00 lbs


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