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E71T-1 Welding Wire w/ Free MIG 500 Welder

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**If you buy 1 pallet (72 spools / 33 lbs each) of our E71T-1 welding wire, we will include a top of the line 500 Amp ALLPRO MIG welder with auto-feeder. The welder has a $2800 value but it will be completely free for you. Another option you can also choose is to instead receive $2500 in credit towards any of our other welding equipment or supplies!**

Additional Details of the E71T-1 Welding Wire:

  • AWS Classification: E71T-1
  • Net weight: 2376 lbs of solid-core MIG (gas shielding) welding wire wrapped in moisture-resistant plastic film
  • Wire diameter: 0.045″ (1.2 mm)
  • Gas: 100% CO2 or Ar-CO2 mixing gas
  • Typical chemical composition of welding metal (%):
    • C: 0.04
    • Si: 0.61
    • Mn: 1.53
    • P: 0.013
    • S: 0.009
  • Approved by all major industrial classifications worldwide (ABS, BV, NK, LR, GL, ASME, EN, etc.)

Description of the MIG 500 Welder with Auto Feeder:

The MIG 500 inverter wire feed welding machine sets the standard for professional MIG gas welding needs. It has strong control board features. Hence, there is a consistent and reliable performance in various situations. You have the option of choosing between the 100% duty cycle or the 60% duty cycle.

Firstly, the 100% duty cycle has 3-phase input voltages as follows: 208/230V, 320A/30V.

Secondly, the 60% duty cycle has 3-phase input voltages as follows: 380/400/440/460V, 500A/39V.

This three-phase inverter ensures the stability of the output voltage when the input power supply fluctuates and the arc length changes. Also, it has a self-adjusting ability which makes sure that there is a stable welding process for the entire workpiece. Therefore, the user is able to weld continuously for hours on end.

Furthermore, the MIG 500 can weld together both thick and heavy parts. These parts can be 14 inches in thickness and up.

Moreover, the MIG 500 welder features long cables, a wire feeder with a compact form-factor, and a welder. The welder will roll around your work space with ease. This ensures your ability to reach those high up, narrow, and hard to reach areas of your project. There is a reach of about 15 meters or 49 ft. The versatility of this machine is essential to industries such as shipbuilding, bridge building, pressurized vessel assembly, construction, etc.

Additional Details of the MIG 350 Welder with Auto Feeder:

  • Less splatter with high deposit efficiency
  • Lower distortion and strong weld formation
  • Strong pulse strike ensures consistent and reliable arc-starts
  • Minimal molten ball if the arc is stopped mid-weld
  • Auto-lock function reduces labor intensity on long welds
  • Stable wire feeding with consistent output power
  • Lightweight and portable design
  • Efficient and energy-saving design
  • Suitable for a wide range of work environments


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Specification: E71T-1 Welding Wire w/ Free MIG 500 Welder

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