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Custom Complete Set Tempered Glass Fish Tank Aquariums Supplies

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Custom Orders:

Also, the option to custom order tanks is available. You can select any tank shape that you would like. Choose the dimensions of the tank to fit your needs. There are 30 coats to choose from: black, white, wood grain, metallic color, and more.

In conclusion, we will build the tank to fit all of your desires.

Once you choose your dream tank, you will receive an invoice with a detailed breakdown of the cost for your tank.

Customized orders will be delivered within 45-60 days.

Description of the 360 Gallon Fish Tank:

The glass of this large 360-gallon glass fish tank is made in Taiwan. It is high strength, grade, quality, permeability, and is ultra-transparent. Also, it has a light transmittance of 99%. The surface is smooth and resistant to scratches, wear, and acid/alkali. The glass of the tank is bonded with German silica gel which resists saltwater erosion and lasts up to 20 years. Meanwhile, the tank and base are both supported by a multiple alloy frame. As a result, it can resist tension and torque deformities from heavy loads, as well as decay.

This fish tank has a sleek and elegant design. Therefore, it looks more modern than other fish tanks and its shiny exterior makes an attractive addition to any home or office.

In addition to all the other features, the fish tank is very quiet. This is because there is a spiral silencer built inside on the downpipe.  Also, it has an LED lighting source, a high-flow, intelligent control, a variable frequency water pump, and a dry and wet separation filtration system. Furthermore, a full set of filter media will also be included.

Thanks to the latest design of water pumps and bottom filtration tanks, your fish tank will be clean and easy to maintain.

Free shipping is available for our customers in the United States (excluding AK, HI, PR, and other overseas territories). However, this does not include any residential, liftgate, and upstairs delivery fees. And for customers in the Los Angeles area, the tank can be installed for free.

This tank has a warranty for 3 years while the electric parts have it for 1 year. But, service for spare parts is for life.

Product Highlights:

-Stylish aluminum cabinet with storage and sump

-Only fish and water needed

-Tank dimensions: 91(L) x 27(W) x 35(H) inches

-Stand dimensions: 91(L) x 27(W) x 30(H) inches

-Total dimensions with both tank and stand: 91(L) x 27(W) x 65(H) inches

-Brand: JAJALE

-6500 L/H ECO pump included

-360-gallon capacity

-Voltage: 110-120V / 220-240V (50/60 Hz AC)

-Rounded corners

-LED lighting

-LCD tank status display


It is recommended for all fish tanks to be installed by a local plumber or specialist.
This tank is distributed and guaranteed by Tiger Mountain Industrial Co., LLC in Washington State.

Warranty of 360 Gallon Fish Tank:

This 360-gallon glass fish tank comes with a 1-year warranty. In other words, all fish tanks are covered for any defects in material under normal use during this period. Also, the tank is eligible for repair in the case of a defect. Even more, if there is no means of repair or part replacement, we will pay for the return shipping of the fish tank.


The fish tank can be returned within 30 days but shipping fees will be paid for by the buyer. However, a 20% restocking fee will be charged if the tank is not found to be defective.




Specification: Custom Complete Set Tempered Glass Fish Tank Aquariums Supplies

Weight 900.44 lbs
Dimensions 91 × 27 × 99 in

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