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72 Rolls of Flux Core Welding Wires & Free MIG Welder 500 Amp(Wholesale)

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Flux Core MIG Welding Wire W/ Free 500A Welder 72 Spools 0.045" E71T-1 2376 lb (Wholesale)

Buy 1 pallet (72 spools / 33 pounds ea.) Of our welding wire, we will provide a wire top 500 Amp Allpro MIG welding machine with automatic feeder (worth $ 7128), or a free $ 2500 of our other Welding equipment or supplies!

Welding wire:

AWS classification: E71T-1
2,376-Lb flux-cored wire MIG (gas shielded) wire is wrapped in a moisture-proof plastic film.
Wire diameter is 0.045 inches (1.2 mm).
Gas: 100% Co2 or Ar-Co2 mixed gas
Typical chemical composition of welding metal (%) C: 0.04 Si: 0.61 Mn: 1.53 P: 0.013 S: 0.009
Approved by all major industries worldwide (ABS, BV, NK, LR, GL, ASME, EN, etc.)
The buyer is responsible for free shipping to a business address with a loading bay within the United States. Other costs (such as homes, elevator doors, and upstairs delivery) are the buyer’s responsibility.

Allpro MIG-500 sets the standard for professional MIG gas welding needs, and has a powerful control board function, which can provide stable and reliable performance under a variety of harsh conditions.

100% duty cycle at three phase input voltage 208 / 230V, 320A / 30V
Three-phase input voltage 380/400/440 / 460V, 60% duty cycle at 500A / 39V
Reduces splashing and improves deposition efficiency
Less deformation and firm weld.
Strong impulse shocks ensure consistent and reliable arcing.
If the arc is stopped halfway through the welding, the melting ball is minimal.
Auto-lock function reduces labor intensity for long welds.
Stable wire feeding and stable output power.
Lightweight and portable design.
Energy-efficient design.
Suitable for a wide range of work environments.
When the input power fluctuates and the arc length changes, the three-phase inverter ensures the stability of the output voltage.
This self-regulating ability ensures a stable welding process for the entire workpiece. This allows the user to continuously weld for hours. Suitable for robotic welding arms.

Allpro MIG-500 can weld heavy parts thicker than 14 inches.
It has long cables, a compact wire feeder and a welder that can easily roll in the workspace. This ensures your ability to reach high, narrow and difficult to reach project areas, reaching approximately 49 feet. Versatility of this machine for shipbuilding, bridge construction, pressurized container assembly, construction, etc.


Free shipping with business address with loading bay. Additional costs (such as homes, elevator doors, and upstairs delivery) are borne by the buyer.


Within the 30-day return period, the buyer can still return the product, and the refund amount is the same as the original purchase price. The shipping fee needs to be paid by the buyer. If the seller has an incorrect shipping fee, the seller will pay it.


ALLPRO Machinery is issued in the United States by Tiger Mountain Industrial, Co. LLC. All sales, support, and services in the United States are handled directly by its sales department.

In the event of a failure during the warranty period, Allpro will respect the warranty requirements of the covered equipment listed below. All warranty periods run from the date of purchase of an Allpro authorized distributor or authorized service facility to the original end user, or from the date of manufacture if the original invoice cannot be provided, as follows:

Main rectifier and inverter module (including rectifier module and IGBT module only): 3 years parts and labor

All other electronic parts and modules for Allpro welding machines, wire feeders: 1 year parts and labor

Water dispensers and tractors: 90-day parts

All Allpro welding torches, cable assemblies and spool guns

If Allpro or its authorized service agency confirms that a defect is covered by this warranty, it will be repaired or replaced to correct the defect at Allpro’s expense. At Allpro’s request, the purchaser must return any “goods” claimed to be defective during the warranty period to Allpro or its authorized service agency.

Shipping fee:
The buyer is responsible for shipping to and from Allpro or its authorized service agency.

Warranty limitation
Allpro will not be held liable for repairs performed outside an authorized service facility.
Allpro’s liability under this warranty shall not exceed the cost of correcting defects in Allpro products.
Allpro is not responsible for incidental or consequential damages (such as business losses, etc.) due to defects or the time required to correct them.
Due to normal wear and tear, Allpro is not responsible for replacing any expendable parts.
Items integrated by Allpro but manufactured by others, such as engines, engine components, air compressor batteries and accessories

Specification: 72 Rolls of Flux Core Welding Wires & Free MIG Welder 500 Amp(Wholesale)

Weight 999 lbs


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