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53 GPH 3-in-1 Internal Filter Aquarium Pump

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Key Product Features


  1. Our pump is epoxy sealed and the impeller shaft is made of stainless steel which is resistant to corrosion has passed the pressure test in line with UL standards. 100% quality control inspection according to ISO. At work, they are incredibly quiet, efficient, and high-lift energy saving. It can raise the water column to 3.28 FT(1m). (Make sure to connect the water pipe to the smallest nozzle and make sure the joint is tightly sealed).


  1. Our pumps are easy to clean and no tools are required to install, uninstall, or disassemble. Appearance volume Size: L 3.5 in. W 2.25 in. H 2.75 in. Motor Power:120 Volt AC – 60Hz 5w Power Consumption. The Wire is a 6-foot non-polarized plug (USA), UL certification.


  1. This water pump can achieve multi-function, water circulation, the internal filter material can keep the water clean and facilitate the adhesion of microorganisms, and can create a rain effect to increase oxygen. Generate maximum flow:53 GPH – 200 L/H.


  1. This submersible pump is designed for use in fountains, fish tanks, waterfalls, hydroponic systems, irrigation systems, and water features.


  1. Strong suction cups allow the pump to stick it to any smooth flat surface vertically or horizontally.



Product Description


The pump is an excellent choice for meeting the circulation needs of any pond, fish tank, fountain, waterfall, hydroponic system, irrigation system, and water feature. It is easy to clean.




–      53 GPH – 200 L/H

–       Max Head: 3.28 FT(1m)

–      6 ft. Non-Polarized Plug (US) UL Approved

–      120 Volt AC – 60Hz

–      5w Power Consumption

–      Dimensions: L 1.5 in. W 2.25 in. H 5.25 in.




–      53 GPH pump

–         Filter cotton

–         Rainforest Tube

–         Filter tank

–         Suction cups




  1. Make sure the input voltage is the same as rated on the pump label before use.
  2. The pump is only recommended for freshwater use.
  3. The pump can be used in 32-95 degrees F (0-32 degrees C) water.
  4. Unplug the power when installing, uninstalling, or cleaning the pump.
  5. In the event of a damaged power cord, turn off the pump immediately.



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1 day

Specification: 53 GPH 3-in-1 Internal Filter Aquarium Pump

Weight 1.00 lbs

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