400 GPH Aquarium Fish Submersible Water Pump Tank Powerhead Fountain Hydroponic


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These products are designed with attention to detail and built using only the best practices and machines available. They meet all relevant electrical appliance safety standards in the U.S. They have an authentic brand and are manufactured directly by our company at our factory.

Our products have a beautiful new look while sporting a safe, reliable electrical design that operates extremely quietly.

We use epoxy resin to encapsulate the pump housing around the motor for fully sealed insulation, never using sand as a cheap replacement. 

The stator is fully wound with a standard pure copper wire to ensure sufficient flow, pressure and stability. 

The pump housing is made of new, high-grade ABS polyethylene and is never be made of cheap secondary recycled plastics. 

Power cables and plugs are made of UL-certified copper enameled wire instead of the cheap, unsafe aluminum wires or copper clad aluminum used by others.

The JAJALE Series is designed specifically to meet the circulation needs of small-to-medium home aquariums, its efficient operation and adjustable flow mean you will be able to meet the requirements of virtually any filtration or circulation setup your aquatic pets need. The JAJALE- Series is whisper-quiet, and energy efficient; it will not disturb your day to day activities as it serves the needs of your pets.

The 396 G/H DB-1500 Submersible Pump is an excellent choice for meeting the circulation needs of small-to-medium aquariums, desk fountains, or other indoor water Features. Its 396 G/H maximum flow rate makes it a great option for more elaborate filtration systems and medium-sized tanks.

It can also be used to provide bubble features under water if the pump body is mounted outside of your tank.
Key Features:
  • 396 G/H – 1500 L/H
  • 8.1 FT Max Head
  • Fits 1/2″ (12.7mm) ID Tubing
  • 5.5 Foot (1.7m) Grounded Plug (US)
  • 120 Volt AC – 60Hz
  • 35 Watt Power Consumption
  • 4 x 4 x 2.25 inches
  • Nearly-Silent Operation

Specification: 400 GPH Aquarium Fish Submersible Water Pump Tank Powerhead Fountain Hydroponic

Weight2.00 lbs
Dimensions4 × 4 × 4 in
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