320GPH 3-in-1 Submersible Pump Undergravel Filter


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Features of the 320 GPH Aquarium Powerhead Pump:

(1) The 320 GPH aquarium powerhead pump has a beautiful new look, is safe, reliable, and super quiet. Stainless steel impeller shaft is resistant to corrosion. Low power consumption. Epoxy-sealed high-grade ABS pump housing, and sand-resistant. Stator bobbin wound with pure copper wiring, not cheap aluminum. Also, UL-certified plug and copper enameled power cables.

(2) Easy to install and clean. No tools required to install, uninstall or disassemble. Includes 5 ft of cord for easy power access. The 3 strong suction cups keep it in place. So it can be stuck to the side of the aquarium or other smooth flat surface, either vertically or horizontally.

(3) 3-in-1 functionality: circulation, filtration, and oxygenation. Clean your water and add air bubbles. Max flow rate: 320 GPH. Max lift height: 3.9 ft.

(4) This pump is designed for small to medium-sized fish tanks. Backed by our 12-month warranty and professional after-sale service within 24 hours.

(5) Compact but powerful. Dimensions: 3.5 x 4.5 x 3 inches.

Description of the 320 GPH Aquarium Powerhead Pump:

The 320 GPH (JA-602) pump is a great choice for almost any small  to medium-sized freshwater fish tank. This power filter performs three functions at the same time: water filtration, water circulation, and aeration. It is both compact and versatile. Certainly, no additional tubing or circulation pump is required with this. You can install it in a vertical or horizontal position right in your fish tank. Because the pump has a small profile size, it is easy to hide or disguise.

Specifications of the 320 GPH Aquarium Powerhead Pump:

  • 320 GPH (1200 L/H)
  • Max head: 3.9 ft
  • 5 ft non-polarized plug (US)
  • UL certified
  • 120 V AC (60 Hz)
  • Power consumption: 20 W
  • Dimensions: 3.5 x 4.5 x 3 inches
  • Suction-cup base


  • Power filter (1)
  • Venturi aeration and water outlet connector (1)
  • Aeration tube (1)

Additional Details:

  • 320 GPH Submersible Internal Aquarium Powerhead Pump
  • Brand: JAJALE
  • SKU: JA-602
  • Shipping weight: 15.8 oz
  • Handling time: 1 day






Specification: 320GPH 3-in-1 Submersible Pump Undergravel Filter

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