20″ Electric Mountain Bike G660


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**Please ask about color options before purchasing.**

Key Features of the 20″ Electric Mountain Bike:

This 20″ electric mountain bike is available in various colors but please contact us about color options before making a purchase. The body of this bike is made of 6061 aluminum alloy.

You can manually pedal this bike if you choose to do so. The highlight of manually pedaling is that you create friction which actually charges the battery of the bike. To learn about this bike in even more depth, please refer to the sections below.

Frame Description of the 20″ Electric Mountain Bike G660:

  • Frame: 6061 Aluminum Alloy
  • Front Fork: Oil Spring lock shock
  • Aluminum Handlebar seat post
  • Transmission: Shimano 7 Speed
  • Disc Brake: Shimano
  • Pedal: Folding Pedal
  • Rear Derailleur: 7 Speed
  • Rim: Magnesium alloy integrated motor wheel
  • Tire: Kenda20x1.95
  • Frame Shock: Oil Spring Lock Shock

Electrical Description of the 20″ Electric Mountain Bike G660:

  • Battery: 48 V (10.4 Ah)
  • Charger: 48 V (2.5 A)
  • Headlight: 5 LED Light
  • Motor: 48 V 400 W Magnesium Alloy Brushless


  • Package Size: 1530 x 280 x 785 mm
  • Gross Weight with Package: 30 kg

Performance Data:

  • Pedal Assist: 80~90 km
  • Electric : 35~45 km
  • Speed: 18~38 km/hour


LANKLEISI Outdoor Sports Goods Co., Ltd. was established in 2011. The brand is committed to research and development, manufacturing, and global marketing of high-end bicycles, electric bicycles, and other related products.

Our products have their place in the global market and our brand has built a reliable global network. Moreover, we have achieved success with all of our partners around the world.

LANKLEISI is famous for its reliable quality, fine craftsmanship, and world-class design. Our unwavering demands for quality have not changed with the passage of time because we understand the importance of our products to our customer’s happiness and health.





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