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19.5 x 6.75 Truck/Bus Wheel Rim PI

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Key Features of 19.5 x 6.75 Wheel Rim Polished Inside:

Center hole positioning wheel.

1. Wheel rim 19.5 x 6.75 and its exterior has a beautiful glossy and metallic look, like polished silver. Made of aviation-grade aluminum (A6061), which is forged, spun, and treated with heat and solidification (T5T6).
2. High precision CNC work, within 0.012mm and 5 grams tolerance per wheel.
3. Resistant to corrosion, deformation, and fracture. Half the weight, greater mechanical strength, and longer life compared to steel wheels. Increased cargo weight capacity or lower fuel consumption!
4. Well balanced, low wobble, 30% increased tire lifespan. Tried and true for 10 million+ trucks!
5. 10 year/120,000 mi warranty. U.S. Stock, Fast Shipping.

Description of 19.5 x 6.75 Wheel Rim Polished Inside:

The exterior of the 19.5 x 6.75 truck/bus wheel rim is glossy and metallic-like polished silver that creates a dazzling mirror image. The material used for the product is aviation-grade aluminum (A6061). It is forged, spun, and treated with heat and solidification (T5T6). In contrast to steel wheels, the aluminum wheels weigh half as much, have greater mechanical strength, and longer life.

High-precision German and Japanese CNC machine tools are used to make the wheels and are precision turned. Due to this, all apparent dimensions are within a 0 to 0.012mm tolerance. The high precision production allows the dynamic balance of the wheels to be within 0-5 grams of tolerance. They remain balanced when the vehicle operates at high speeds. Therefore, the wheels have almost no extra wobble and this extends the life of the tires by 30%. Because of these savings, the truck owner recovers their initial wheels investment within 8 months.

Also, the wheels are resistant to corrosion, deformation, and fracture.

Furthermore, our quality assurance of 10 years is in line with our biggest competitors, including Alcoa.

Finally, our U.S. based warehouses ensure that wheels are shipped quickly.


The structural design of the wheel is based on 3 million rolling and impact tests. Hence, product quality is proven to withstand use by 10 million trucks in real-life situations.

The results of a long-term driver tracking study show that 18 magnesium-aluminum wheels per truck reduce weight by about 1000 lbs. Compared to steel wheels, this translates to an increase in potential freight revenue. As a result, either cargo weight increases by 1000 lbs. or fuel consumption lowers due to a reduction in weight.

Specifications of 19.5 x 6.75 Wheel Rim Polished inside :

-19.5 X 6.75 Truck/Bus Wheel Rim Fit Rear Polished Inside Forged Aluminum

-Polished inside

-Size: 19.5 x 6.75 inches

-PCD: 8 x 275 mm

-CB: 221.1 mm

-Inset: 127 mm

-Outset: 147 mm

-Nut: L72XD26 M22X1.5

-Maximum Load: 7400 lbs

-Weight: 16.8 kg

-DOT Compliant

-Shipping Weight: 608 oz

-Handling Time: 1 day

-SKU: T070A-PI


Custom Wheel Rims ( Forged 6061-T6)



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Specification: 19.5 x 6.75 Truck/Bus Wheel Rim PI

Weight 37 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 8 in



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