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135 Gallon Tempered Glass Fish Tank (All Black)

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Product Description

135-Gallon Aquarium with Stand, All in Black without Gold Trims, Pump,Filter, LED Bundle and Straight Corners

Aqua Dream’s 135-gallon aquarium brings any aquatic habitat to life! From live corals
and Clown Fish to freshwater Koi. Our striking LED lighting energizes the whole tank
and fills it with soft light for a dramatic look and feel.
Made of high-grade tempered glass with a 99% transparency, this glass is resistant
to streaks and scratches giving a clear view into the eco-system within. Using
German silica gel, the glass is securely bonded and will last in upwards of 20 years even with saltwater erosion.
The base and tank are secured using a titanium-
magnesium-aluminum alloy frame that is resistant to torque deformation, tension
from heavy loads, and corrosion. The bottom filtration and water circulation system
allows for easy maintenance and gives the tank a healthy aquatic environment. A
spiral silencer on the down pipe makes this tank ultra-quiet. Also includes a high flow
water pump and a wet and dry separation filtration system.
Free delivery to inside the continental United States(Not including residential, lift-
gate, or upstairs delivery fees)
3 year fish tank warranty with a 1 year warranty on electrical parts. Lifetime spare
parts service.


· Brushed Aluminum Framing – Glass Cabinet w/Storage
· 1188 GPH pump included

Tank dimensions

· Length: 47 2/5 inches
· Width: 19 7/10 inches
· Height: 31 1/2 inches

Stand dimensions

· Length: 47 2/5 inches
· Width: 19 7/10 inches
· Height: 29 1/2 inches
· Length: 47 3/10 inches

Total dimensions with tank and stand:

· Width: 19 7/10 inches
· Height: 61 2/5 inches

LED lighting

· 135-gallon capacity
· Voltage: 110 Volts –120 Volts / 220 Volts –240Volts (50/60 Hz AC)

Shipping Weight

351 lbs

Shipping Dimensions


· Length:51 1/10 inches
· Width: 21 1/2 inches
· Height:37 inches


· Length: 51 1/10 inches
· Width: 21 1/2 inches
· Height: 35 4/5 inches

Handling Time

1 day

Shipping Time

3-7 Business Days

Specification: 135 Gallon Tempered Glass Fish Tank (All Black)

Weight 350 lbs
Dimensions 51 × 21.5 × 37 in



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