Automatic H-Steel Welding Carriage


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Description of the Automatic H-Steel Welding Carriage:

This listing is for the automatic H-shaped steel welding carriage. It is manufactured using the most advanced and safe technologies.

This product is used as automatic welding equipment in many industries. In addition, it can perform horizontal fillet welding and has all of the characteristics listed below.

Key Features of the Automatic H-Steel Welding Carriage:

  1. Small volume, lightweight, and portable.
  2. Track travel. This welding traction is especially applicable to section welding with a riser (track) such as an angle iron, I-shaped steel, and H-shaped steel. After supporting the traction on the riser, the wheel moves on the section flange to drive the traction.
  3. Two-way traveling. The traveling direction of the tractor can be regulated to advance the fillet welding machine either right or left.
  4. Electrode-less speed regulation. The speed can be regulated between 0.1 m/min and 1.1 m/min.
  5. Easy operation. Control panel includes switches for power supply, traveling direction, tractor startup and shutdown, and speed control.

Configuration of the Automatic H-Steel Welding Carriage:

  • Main parts (1 set)
  • Welding gun regulation equipment (1 set)
  • 2P welding gun control line 5 m (1)
  • Power line of transformer wire (10 m)
  • Accessories: Fuse and Hexagon Wrench
    • Fuse: 2 A (2)
    • Hexagon wrench (1 set)

Main Technical Specifications of the Automatic H-Steel Welding Carriage:

Type Content Remarks

Power supply 110V DC
Dimensions 300 × 200 × 290 L × W × H
Weight 7.8 Kg
Movement Two-wheel drive Rubber wheel
Regulating range of welding gun Up and down 40 mm
Regulating range of welding gun Operation function Front and back 40 mm
Regulating range of operation angle +45°
Regulating range of processing angle +10°
Control Operation function Traveling starts
Traveling stops
Selection of traveling direction
Regulation of traveling speed
Selection of welding/non-welding


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Warranty Repair:

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Shipping Costs:

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Specification: Automatic H-Steel Welding Carriage

Weight 18.00 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 8 in


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