Inspection and Testing in Industrial Environment

It is important for an organization that the quality of the products is maintained when they are delivered to the customers since the product quality is the top most drivers for the success of the organization. However, in the organization, employees do make mistakes, and machines and equipment do have breakdowns. This results in the production process getting destabilized which in turn causes the production of products that do not meet the requirements specified in the standards and specifications. Hence, there is the necessity of inspection and testing so as to ensure that the products delivered to the customer are complying with the specification as required by the customer.

Design, Inspection, and Parts

Inspection and testing during the process of the manufacture of a product are the most common methods of attaining standardization, uniformity, and quality of workmanship. These are the process of controlling the product quality by comparing it with the established standards and specifications. It is one of the operational parts of the quality control.

During the inspection and testing, If the product does not fall within the zone of acceptability then it gets rejected and corrective measures are required to be taken by the production management so as to ensure that the product manufactured further conform to specified standards and specifications.

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