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Our Iron Foundry Plant utilizes advanced static-pressure impact moulding lines from KW Company in Germany. Custom designed and imported from Germany, it is the largest green-sand moulding line in China, and among the largest and most modern in the world. The dimension of the flask is 1500 x 1200 x 500 mms, with a design output of 60 flasks per hour. The sand treatment equipment such as the sand mixer, cooler, automatic moisture control device and core shooter are also from KW Company in Germany. The electric furnaces and cupola, where a furnace resin self-hardening core making line is in use, are imported from Endor Iron Furnace Co. in USA.

Our advanced testing system includes metallographic inspection equipment as well as mechanical property and chemical composition testing devices.

A great variety of top quality castings can be made from various materials. The main product of this plant are grey/ductile iron castings ranging from 50g to 200 tons per piece that are widely used in trucks, tractors, trailers, diesel engines, mining equipment, etc.


forgingTiger Mountain Industrial Company has 3 large crankshaft-forging lines in China,
1 small crankshaft-production line, and a suspended-style quenching and tempering heat treatment line. Our 125MN hot pressing production line is one of the most technologically advanced machines in the world that can increase our productivity and our accuracy of casting weight ranging from 0.1kg to 200 tons.


processingFor the metal-processing industry we formulate and develop products, which meet the high requirements of this industry. Whether aluminum, zinc or magnesium casting; whether hot or cold runner machines, we offer suitable products. These include release agents, anti soldering pastes, ejectors prin lubrication, cleaners and punching oils.

All products were developed in collaboration with foundries and are well-established in the market. We are able to meet all basic requirements for customers who provide chemical Composition and Mechanical properties.

Forging process first Category:

  • Cast iron: gray iron, ductile iron, heat-resistant cast iron, malleable cast iron, etc.
  • Cast steel: precision casting, general forging, steel, metallurgy, etc.
  • Forging: free forging, stamp forging, flat forging, hot and cold extrusion, etc.

Forging process second categories: Cast steel cast iron, ordinary sand casting, wood molding, mechanical modeling, steel modeling, etc.

Forging Weight category:

  • Cast steel cast iron forging weight from 2 pounds to 1 million pounds (1000g – 200 tons)
  • Precision Casting, powder metallurgy <materials are all kinds of steel> from the 50g to 200 tons

Nonferrous Metal Casting:

  • Materials Category: aluminum, stainless steel, copper, zinc, lead, special requirements of the various material
  • Casting method: die casting, centrifugal casting old process, as well as new process casting, etc.

We are able to meet all basic requirements for customers who provide chemical Composition and Mechanical properties. Please use the Request a Quote button at the top of the page to send us your specifications and drawings to get started.

Heat Treatment

heat treatmentWe have partnered with Solar Atmospheres Vacuum Heat Treating services as an option for our customers to add greater value to their parts. With unmatched technical expertise, equipment, and world-class quality, our extensive range of Heat Treating and Brazing services serve all applications. Ranging from lab-size research and development Furnaces to some of the largest commercial Vacuum furnaces on Earth, with 48-foot lengths and capacities up to 200 tons; you will soon discover the inherent value of our innovative and efficient solutions. Processes for Bearings, to Blades and beyond, connect with us today to find out how you can take advantage of Solar Atmospheres’ heat treatment solutions.

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